Palamaneru/Palamaner (PIN: 517408) is a municipality in Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh.

Palamaner is very cool place in Andhra Pradesh and it’s also called as Ooty of Andhra Pradesh.

Palamaner located in boarder of Tamil Nadu, so we can hear mixture languages here, local people speaks both Telugu and English.

Majority of Palamaner businesses are Cattle farming (Milk Dairy and Milk Products), agriculture and Terracotta art pottery.

Climate in Palamaner well suits for Cattle forming and Dairy products, so there are many dairy's formed around town and provides employment.

Palamaneru located on  the National Highway 4 , it connects to Bangalore and Chennai.

Population of Harur is around 50,000 by 2012.

PIN Code - 517408

Telephone STD code -    08579